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Secure Identities

Offering bespoke innovative solutions for creating, authenticating and verifying electronic identities to enable government agencies perform their statutory mandate effectively

Secure Documents

We provide secure and smart identity documents to help tackle identity management problems with the ultimate goal of eliminating fraud.

E- Governance

ISTL uses modern ICT technologies to provide a platform to ensure that government services can be made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner.

Facility Management Systems

We provide a number of bespoke end-to-end solutions (simple and complex), and further offer support and maintenance of facility management infrastructure.

Database Management

ISTL hosts secure Government Database Our Data Centre consists of leverages on VSAT and fibre for communication with local and foreign hubs world wide.


Chip based payment, subsidiary, electronic-purse applications. ISTL initiated the implementation of a multi-purpose Identity Card in Nigeria


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

IRIS Smart Technologies Limited implemented the Nigerian e-Passport PKI which conforms to ICAO standards.

Our infrastructure includes a trusted CA for identity verification, the use of HSMs to generate, store, and handle key pairs, as well as participation in ICAO Public Key Directory.

Facial Recognition

The use of facial recognition systems is now becoming increasingly popular. ISTL uses facial recognition for identification where fingerprints cannot be captured.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

ISTL first pioneered the use of AFIS technology in Nigeria during the 2003 Presidential elections where over 60 million applications were subjected to verification and several million duplicated applications were found.