Identities are at the core of government service delivery and with the experience of over a 100 million biometric citizen registrations we deliver proven-and-tested solutions using fit-for-purpose technologies for biometric registrations, automated identification, identity databases, identity cards/documents and identity verification.

Biometric registrations

Exaro offers a combinations of registration channels that suites the business requirements:

  • Form based Registration
  • Online Registration
  • Windows Applications
  • Android Applications

All of these registration channels incorporate the collections of demographic data, biometric data (photo and up to 10 fingerprints) and custom data relevant to the client. The registration channel can incorporate the payment of administrative and service fees using vouchers and online payment platforms.

Automated Identification

Automated biometric identification systems used include fingerprint identification (AFIS) and face recognition. The solution can be used to enrol, verify and identify identities.

Identity Databases

Exaro is and has been the custodian of some of the biggest and most important citizen databases in Nigeria. We offer comprehensive services with regards to the establishment, support, maintainance, administration and management (including disaster management). We operate SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Identity Cards/Documents

Exaro have been contributed to some of the most prominent identity documents and cards issued in Nigeria and offer a complete service with regards to the design, production and personalisation of standard and smart (chip based) identity cards and documents.

Identity Verification

Exaro offer multiple channels for the verification of identities.